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Vitesco Technologies


Trinity Staffing is unique among Seguin employment agencies in that we have a long-term relationship with Vitesco Technologies Automotive Systems in Seguin, Texas, helping to recruit workers for manufacturing jobs in Seguin.

Vitesco Technologies Automotive Systems is one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers based in Hanover, Germany.

Vitesco Technologies Automotive Systems’ Seguin, Texas facility currently manufactures powertrain control modules utilized by numerous domestic and international automotive manufacturers including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Volvo, Acura, Mazda, and Caterpillar.

Currently 1 out of every 5 automobiles in the United States has a control module produced in the Seguin plant, which currently employs over 1,500.


Seguin is one of the oldest towns in Texas, founded just 16 months after the Texas Revolution. For over 100 years, the town was dependent on the surrounding farmlands and ranches, but is now a growing, robust economy that continues to diversity as more and more companies choose Seguin to build their facilities. Seguin is a community of neighborhoods where people of all incomes, ages and backgrounds work and live.


1417 E. Walnut Street, Suite 300
Seguin, Texas 78155




Connie Rodriguez

VP. Seguin Division

Connie joined Trinity Staffing Staffing in 2002, taking her administrative support skills to our dedicated clients. In 2013 Connie was promoted to Vice President, Seguin Division. She became a valued member of our Trinity Staffing team through the years, supporting various clients with her organizational and management talents.

Through the years, she has worked as a Recruiter, in HR Departments, as an Account Manager for multiple clients, as an Employee Relations Specialist, Payroll Manager, Trainer, Computer Specialist, and Sales/, Marketing Professional. Currently, Connie utilizes all of her talents managing a client with over 250 Trinity employees. This 24/7 production operation requires her continual hands-on skills to maintain the level of protection necessary for success. Connie and her staff of five additional Trinity personnel keep the production operation running every day of the week. Connie is an extremely valued part of the Trinity Staffing operations.


Dasha Jackson

Recruiting Specialist, Seguin

Shay is doing an excellent job recruiting for Trinity Staffing positions in Seguin, Texas.  She has worked as an Administrative Assistant, HR Assistant, A/P Accounting Specialist, and Recruiter, and Trainer.  With Trinity, Shay bundles these skills to help individuals make a career move to a company with opportunities for growth and security.

She has worked in multiple office settings and recruited companies from consulting firms to manufacturing facilities.  These multi-tasking skills allow here to be an exceptional recruiter for Trinity Staffing.  Come and meet Shay when you need a change of job opportunities.

Donna Burks

Payroll Specialist

Donna joined Trinity Staffing after many years working with County Services in Missouri, helping communities prepare people for success.  She has been a project manager dealing with budgets, grant money, and served in a management role in the U.S. Fraud Departments, Child Support Unit, and the tax administration arena.  Donna’s payroll skills came in handy in all work experiences as she helped assist residents in various Mousurri locations.

Currently, Donna is with Trinity Staffing, managing payroll for over 250 employees working at career opportunity jobs.  She is attentive to detail and is excellent at communicating with employees.  We are glad to have Donna watching over payroll for our valued employees.


Rebecca Polanco

Employee Relations Specialist

Rebecca joined Trinity Staffing in 2013 to assist Connie as Payroll Specialist with payroll numbers well above 250 employees.  She tackled an international payroll system and coordinated with Trinity Staffing to produce payroll checks, direct deposits, pay-cards, and generated essential reports for the client and Trinity.  Becca managed multiple tasks, and she did all with a smile.  As time passed, she transitioned to Employee Relations Specialist and expanded her duties to communicate with supervisors, managers, and Trinity employees.  Becca is a valued specialist doing essential functions to help employees make career choices each day.

Sage Pyles

Shift Specialist

Sage joined the Trinity Team in 2016 as a second shift Specialist for a client with over 250 Trinity employees.  When she joined the Team, she brought many years of experience from the State of Virginia, where her administrative skills were always at play with her employers.  She managed, trained, and supervised various departments in the U.S. Post Office, the Virginia Department of Corrections, State Legal Services, and the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services.  Her experiences translated into helping Trinity employees solve work-related problems.

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