100% awesome!
Harlan A.

The staff at the Trinity offsite office and onsite were very helpful and professional. I had a great experience.
Rachel B.

I would definitely recommend this staffing agency to other people looking for employment.
Monica C.

I love working with Trinity
John L.

I have nothing but positive feelings for my experience with Trinity
Michael S.

Great service, they know what they're doing.
Jonathan R.

It's great!
Maria G.

My experience was great. Great people.
Angelika P.

It is great. I enjoy my job.
Matilda U.

I felt welcomed
Ryan H.

The training was very impressive, I can honestly say I have never received training that in depth anywhere I have ever worked.
Eric F.

I had a great experience working with Trinity staffing.
Desire G.

It's been a very good experience so far!
Chloe H.

Trinity is a great stepping stone to other opportunities. I was with Trinity only a month working at Continental Automotive and was asked to be converted to the company. I'm very grateful that Trinity gave me a chance to better myself.
Shaun D.

It has been a great experience. I'm glad that you offer the chance to get your GED and you all pay for it.
Lorraine G., Seguin

The Trinity staff was awesome and helpful.
Linda S.

Very pleased! Nellie was great and would make sure I had an assignment lined up when I finished one. She was patient with me, knew my qualifications, and would assign me to the type of work I was interested in. I would highly recommend!
Mary M.

Everyone is friendly, nice and helpful. Their sincerity is awesome
Frank F.

I've really enjoyed working with Trinity. My staffing agent, Leanne Loose, has been superb!
Nancy S.

Very professional. A positive experience
Richard F.

My experience with Trinity Staffing was beyond excellent. Nellie Hernandez found the perfect employment situation for me the very day she interviewed me. She was a wonderful liason between the company and myself. Vicki Vaughn was always great with timesheet and payroll matters and all the staff was totally professional.
Kenneth F.

I felt I had a good support system. Thank you
Alfredo A.

Very friendly staff. I definitely recommend Trinity Staffing
Leticia S.

I had a great experience with Trinity. I have worked with other staffing agencies but Nellie took an interest in me and saw my potential. She placed me in about one week and I was eventually hired full time. Over a year later I am still happily employed
Valerie A.

Very professional, always on top of things and very good about posting any changes
Michael E.

Quality service and good communication between employer and employee
Jesus V.

Franco B.

I'm impressed with how fast I started working
Jeremy A.

I have never had a more professional, courteous and personal employer.
Roger N.

Trinity Staffing did a FANTASTIC job with the PERFECT assignment. They are a great asset to the San Antonio community.
Marjorie B.

The staff at Trinity Staffing always makes me feel that they try their best to find me a job assignment.
Veronica C.

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"Very satisfied. Trinity found me a job so quickly and the staff is very helpful." -Elizabeth R.


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